Stark Madness

Stark Madness is acoustic jam fusion, a creative style of music that took the local music scene by storm in 2007 with the release of this eponymous album.  This album features jam-based acoustic guitar riffs mixed with exotic percussion to create tunes you can dance to.

Founded in mid-2007, “Stark Madness” quickly nestled itself within the local music scene. With styles ranging from dramatic guitar-laden harmonies, to wildly upbeat percussive arrangements, this talented duo have created a sound that’s not just pleasing to the ear… but perfectly suited for audiences of all different tastes.

After experiencing any of the ten original songs found on this album, one will easily understand exactly what makes “Stark Madness” such an appealing and unique entry into the world of music.

1. Believe it or Not
2. Lost Inside My Head
3. Another Harpo Marx
4. Devil of your Ways
5. Shout of a Doubt
6. Shut up and Listen
7. Just Right
8. Beauty in the Tower
9. The Gates
10. Random Rhythmic Rumination Vol. 1