Nothing Can Go Wrong

Nothing Can Go Wrong is the fourth full-length release by M.W. Stevens, and his first with all new music in five years.

This album is a natural continuation of 2011’s Multiplex, focusing heavily on an acoustic-alternative rock sound. A big fan of the acoustic hard rock genre, Stevens focuses on utilizing the acoustic guitar to its fullest potential.

Lyrically, this is probably my strongest album, with songs about nostalgia, life’s successes, life’s failures, mental exhaustion, and trying to make sense of tragic world events.

1. Nothing Can Go Wrong
2. The Nature of the World
3. And Now You’re Lonely
4. The Toy Store
5. Something in the Silence
6. Buzzkill
7. Something for Nothing
8. It’s Ruined
9. Standard Time
10. Twenty Years Later (Full Circle)