About Me

M.W. Stevens at World of Beer, February 2016

Hi! My name is M.W. Stevens. As my slogan says, I am an author, musician, and thus, a creator. I hope you enjoy the content on this website, and all of the entertainment I have to offer!

I began writing music at the age of 13. After a few highly failed attempts, I finished my first playable song Trepidation, and performed it in front of approximately 500 people at my high school talent show to a rousing ovation.  Since then, I have written over 50 original songs, and perform hundreds of covers at venues across the Mid-Atlantic.

Around the same time, I began writing short stories and plays. At the age of 17, my one-act play Bread, Milk, and Toilet Paper was selected as a Center Stage youth playwright award winner and was performed live on stage by the Arena Players. Since then, I have written four full-length plays, and all four in one way or another have been produced. I completed my first novella The Senior Week 500 in 2011, and my second novella Passion Project in 2018.

I also maintain a YouTube channel which features a great deal of my work including music, short films, and top lists. I just love to create, and I hope you enjoy my work!

P.S. This website is dedicated to my hobby, not my profession. All opinions shared on this website, and any of the links connected to it are of my own and do not represent anyone else. Please address any concerns quickly and rationally.